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Holstein Canada – National Holstein Shows 2021

Welcome to Saint-Hyacinthe. Here are some suggestions for activities and places to eat, so you can plan your stay in the greater Saint-Hyacinthe area! If you want to extend your stay in our area, we have some ideas for you!

Need help? Located within the Convention center is the Tourist information center, Ici ST-H, feel free to drop by and meet our destination advisers. Interactive terminals are also available within the Convention center, look for the « ? ».

The tourist information center is open from 9 AM until 5 PM, Tuesday through Friday and from 10 AM until 4 PM on Saturdays.

Where to eat near Espace Saint-Hyacinthe?

Nearby, there is a wide variety of restaurants. We invite you to consult this map to know what is available.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and related mesures, we strongly suggest you reserve in advance.

Bar & Restaurants

For a more lively evening, a bar & restaurant is the ideal place! The locations presented below are all a short walk from Espace Saint-Hyacinthe.

A nice dinner downtown

In downtown Saint-Hyacinthe, you can find the 1555 public market. All around, there is a wide variety of local restaurants! Here are some suggestions:

For a complete list of restaurants downtown, we invite you to consult this map.

Fun & Relaxation

Where to shop?

  • Downtown Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Not only a heritage destination, but also a commercial, cultural and entertainment stop.
  • More than 240 shops, speciality boutiques and restaurants
  • A public market open year round
  • More then 30 restaurants, pubs and coffee shops
  • Lively terraces
  • 3 performance halls
  • Galeries St-Hyacinthe
  • A commercial hub located in the heart of our business centre!
  • 140 stores
  • A food court
  • A movie theater
  • An indoor parking lot
  • M rendez-vous marchands
  • Accessible and diversified shopping, restauration and services offering
  • 7 speciality shop
  • 8 restaurants
  • A hotel

Producers – Processors

To spoil you, we have prepared a directory of gourmet shops located in the greater Saint-Hyacinthe area. Fresh or processed products, fruits and vegetables, meats, honey, wines, beers, spirits, and many others. A stop in one of these shops will allow you to discover passionate producers and processors and to travel the roads of the region!

Not enough time to get to the producer? Note that at the tourist information office, the shop section offers products from ten producers. A great gift idea to take home!

What's happening?

Here are the exhibitions and shows on display during your stay in Saint-Hyacinthe!

Important reminder, most shows are in french only.

  • Notre monde magique de Noël (91 rang St-Georges, Saint-Liboire)
  • November 18th & 21st from 5 pm until 8:30 pm
  • November 19th & 20th from 5 pm until 11 pm

Starting on November 18th through the whole weekend, come visit Notre Monde Magique de Noël, the perfect Christmas activity. All are invited to visit a magical site built by a dedicated team of Santa’s elves. You will be treated to Christmas Tales told by a singer-storyteller, to Christmas shows and even a Christmas disco! Coffee, hot chocolate et fun await you in this magical Christmas world! Santa Claus himself will bring gifts to children Saturday Novermber 20th!

Thursday November 18th

  • Voyager du regard, revisiter le paysage, 10 h à 17 h (EXPRESSION, 2e étage du 1555 marché public)
  • Through his body of work and his individual pieces, Binet revisits how landscape is seen and understood. Using his expertise and specific processes, he modulates the observer’s view of his works and of the landscape around us.
  • François Bellefeuile, 20 h (Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde)
  • François Bellefeuille is back on stage with his one-man-show: The strongest in the World. Don’t worry; it’s just a title. He’s not going to lift weights for an hour and a half.
  • Simon Delisle, 20 h 30 (Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde)
  • His humor is punchy, biting and filled with images, each one stronger than the next. His unique cast and his extraordinary life experiences make him a comedian who is not afraid of anything. You could almost say he’s Invincible!

Friday November 19th

  • Voyager du regard, revisiter le paysage, 10 h à 19 h (EXPRESSION, 2e étage du 1555 marché public)
  • Montréal Guitare Trio, 20 h (Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde)
  • Regarded by the CBC as the hottest guitar ensemble in Canada, the Montreal Guitar Trio quickly established itself as a leader in the renewal and interaction between various musical forms.

Saturday November 20th

  • Voyager du regard, revisiter le paysage, 13 h à 17 h (EXPRESSION, 2e étage du 1555 marché public)
  • Michel Faubert20 h 30 (Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde)
  • The song of silence, an intimate cross-section of Michel Faubert’s songbook.
  • Vincent Vallières20 h (Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde)
  • Let yourself be carried away by Vincent Vallières who will be alone on stage, very close, in your ear, with the songs that are part of your history. The concert will give way to talking and sharing. A show in the image of this must-see in Quebec song: unifying, lively and authentic.

Sunday November 21st 

We hope you have a wonderful stay in the greater Saint-Hyacinthe area!

The Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole team